Friday, 17 December 2010

Gamingheap Review - Geometry Wars Galaxies

  Geometry Wars Galaxies  -  Gamingheap Review

I bought Geometry Wars Galaxies for the Nintendo DS yesterday. It cost me $19.99 at Gamestop.

Geometry Wars Galaxies is a retro arcade shooter, and a remix of previous versions. The aim of the games is to survive as long as you can in over 60 different planets and get the highest score you can get before losing all 3 of your lives. Endless hordes of enemies spawn in from around the planet and you must utilize your laser and your drone to defeat them before they get too close and destroy you. There are 14 enemies including everything from Snakes to Weavers. Each one acts differently. Whilst some may home in on you, others will randomly move about the planet. It is possible to obtain bronze, silver and gold medals by getting high scores. The more medals you get, the more Geoms you collect. Geoms are currency and you can use them to unlock more galaxies and planets. You can also use Geoms to upgrade your drone (which fights alongside you) with different modes such as Defend and Snipe. Killing more enemies in planets rewards you with experience points which in turn level-up the specific mode your drone was using.

You can use the touch-screen to direct your laser or the A, B, X and Y buttons to fire in different directions. Using the D-PAD you can manoeuvre your ship in and out of enemies. Your drone will move on its own and carry out different tasks depending on what mode you set it to.

After an enemy ship has been destroyed you can collect Geoms from them which add to your total at the end of the level. Collecting Geoms from deceased enemies also rewards you with a multiplier. Each one you collect adds to the multiplier. The maximum multiplier is x150 which gets you very big scores! When you die your multiplier is lost and resets back to 0. Sometimes there are enemies all around you and it is necessary to use a Smartbomb. Smartbombs are activated with the L and R shoulder buttons and destroy all enemies on the screen. This however has its setbacks. It doesn't add to your score and not all the enemies wiped out by the Smartbomb drop Geoms for you to collect. You usually get 3 per planet and lives and Smartbombs can be recollected by killing more enemies and collecting their Geoms.

The music is also very fast to match the games fast-paced gameplay. There is a lot to watch on the screen as all of the geometric shapes are different colours and bullets fly off every surface making the game look more appealing, but also making it harder to spot where enemies are creeping up on you. The stages are all different shapes which adds variety and some of them have obstacles and even vortexes that suck enemies to the centre of the planet!

Overall the game is very impressive and the online Nintendo WFC support allows you to post your scores online and compare with players from around the globe. The music is great, it all looks great, but there could be a little bit more to the gameplay and it can get a bit repetitive. This game isn't for everyone, but it is a nice arcade shooter that draws you in. I personally really enjoy playing it!

My Rating: 7.5/10

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