Friday, 24 December 2010

Retro Finds: 1 - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

I don't know how rare this Game Boy Advance cartridge is here in America but where i live back in England it's worth a good £70 or more online. I just bought it for $9.99 which is like £7... I don't know if Gamestop realized it was that rare or whatever, but I'm pretty chuffed i managed to get a hold of it! I've been playing it on my brother's DS Lite as my DSi XL doesn't have a GBA slot.

It's pretty interesting to play. I've played through all of the Kingdom Hearts games and i think it is nice to see the series portrayed through sprites instead of 3D modelling on the home video consoles. The game does look good and the animation of the sprites is very well done - it looks good compared to some other lazily animated GBA games I've played in the past. The controls are good when your travelling the overworld but when it comes to battle it can get a little frustrating. The game revolves around cards and you have to keep switching through them and playing it strategically instead of some small time button mashing. This sometimes leaves you accidentally using one card and wasting it when you wanted to use a different one.
But hey, Kingdom Hearts rocks and this is the game that bridges together the first and second one. At the moment i'm finding it fun going back to worlds I remember from the first game and beating the bosses again.

There was actually a Playstation 2 port made, but that was never released to the UK as far as i know.

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