Saturday, 18 December 2010

Phantom Hourglass

I got Phantom Hourglass for $15.99 dollars preowned yesterday at a local Gamestop. I thought that was a pretty good price for a very good game, so i went in there and bought it.

I hadn't played a DS Legend of Zelda game until i bought this, and, i have to say, it is fresh, new and amazing! The first thing i liked was the fact that everything was in that sort of toon style - the colours, their faces and everything, it made me laugh looking at some of the earlier characters in the game. The second thing, and the thing i most enjoy about the game so far, is how well the game uses all of the DS' functions. whether it be simply using the stylus to move Link rather than the D-PAD, to blowing into the microphone to put out burning candles. At one stage you even have to close the DS to imprint a crest onto your sea chart!

I'm really enjoying this game and it's a fresh RPG without the typical leveling up system like Dragon Quest IX and Final Fantasy. It's just you and the game! I'll post a review soon!

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DJPimpDaddy said...

I thought the touchscreen controls for a traditional zelda game was impressive. At first it took a few to adjust, but once you get in to the game you keep asking yourself "WHY DON'T ALL ZELDA GAMES DO THIS!!!!????"

I still have not tried out Spirit Tracks yet. I am assuming that it is similar. I will admit that on Phantom Hourglass I ended up breaking down and getting a game guide from Brady.

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