Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Woot! Snow! And Minecraft!

Yessss! Over here in England we've finally got some of the good old white powder! Too much of it! Gatwick airport has shutdown and all of the roads are covered in it! There's more due tonight as well! There's already 6 inches of it. When my Dad returned home after being stuck on a stationary tran for nearly 3 hours we went up town to get some provisions such as milk, bread etc. It was freezing cold and our treck through the snow was extended when all of the local stores were out of milk except the furthest possible shop away from us.

When i got back i took of my wellies warmed up and sat down to another session of Minecraft! Yes, i downloaded Minecraft for free when the game's servers crashed back in late September - i haven't played on it since last weekend. If you've never heard of Minecraft then don't be suprised. it's a new Indie game that's just had a massive popularity increase so you should here loads about it pretty soon!

Basically it's a large first-person sandbox game primarily made out of bricks named "Chunks." 2 of these chunks are equal to the player's height and it's possible to destroy them with your fists to obtain materials from them to craft certain objects. For example collecting wood and crafting it in your Inventory into specific shapes will reward you with a variety of new tools such as hatchets and pickaxes to doors and minecarts. The official forums are booming with information and there's now even a Wiki site, "Minepedia"

Check those sites out for more info - here's a link to the offical site...

And... A video - the first of a 40+ series of X's Minecraft adventures!

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