Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dragon Quest IX Game Guide In Development

I've been working on my DQIX game guide for a while now. My previous (and first ever) game guide for GTA: Chinatown Wars was 194 KB. I've just reached the second boss battle on my Dragon Quest IX guide and it's already 124 KB. I aim to include info on all of the weapons and armour, a completed bestiary, locations for all of the treasure chests within the storyline, a full basics section, FAQ and the completed Walkthrough.

I'd say it should be no more than 600 KB after that. I'm really enjoying the actual game though and have defeated my first grotto boss, Equinox.
My party are all level 31 now and i am now working my way through the massive volcano, The Magmaroo!
At the top lies Greygnarl. He's 300 years old and there's been no info that has actually pointed towards him being human so he could be a dragon of some sort. Anyway, the game's plot gets increasingly interesting which does make you want to finish it, but there is loads of other stuff to do like level grinding and grotto, treasure map hunting!

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