Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dragon Quest IX Done!

Yep, that's right i finished it at around 10am yesterday morning. The final boss battle was pretty hard and i actually played through the whole game without changing vocation... and with 1 Minstrel and 3 Warriors!

My party was level 45 all-around which was the recommended level that most people said was good for the final boss battle. I won't give it away though... i'm not mean like that!

Anyway, now i've got over 120 quests to complete along with the post story and when i finally find out how to connect ot the internet, some DLC quests to finish! Of course i've also got to beat all of the legacy boss monsters and level up to level 99 and revocate so that i'm level 1 again... but with the same stats so i can only go higher. In the end it took me a total of 42 hours to complete the main story-line... and it was definitely worth it!


DJPimpDaddy said...

Nice! I am still taking my time and enjoying every second. I can't play too often so I progress slower. Have you tried out the tag mode yet with any friends that have the game?

Oli said...

Yeah, i rushed it a little so now i have to go back and do all of the side quests! I haven't tried the tag mode yet, i was going to meet up with some friends today but it turns out i've got other stuff to be doing.

Blake said...

I was debating getting Final Fantasy 7 for the PS1 on the PSN as my retro play time fun.

Also just a thought, I see you linked yourself to my art blog. I don't update that blog very much, so you probable won't get many notices for update. Where has pacroid is updated almost daily.

I added you to places to visit on Pacroid aswell, I hope this is ok. Always great to see others views on games, whether you agree or not, its great to see.

Nintendoheap said...

Thanks for the follow, nice to have a new follower and a nice new blog to browse. I'll be sure to add you to my favourite blogs list. :D