Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Dragon Quest IX

                                                       Wow! This game is good! Really good!

I have to say, i've never played a Dragon Quest game in my life and now i'm ashamed of myself!
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies is an amazing RPG game, purposely full of content so it's impossible to finish it and get 100% completion! I won't go too much into the story but you're an angel and you lose your wings and halo and become a normal, mortal, human being. From then on you get 3 more party members which you can choose from the Stornway Inn then collect some equipment and begin your travels around the... err... world!

There are loads of monsters for you to battle. Some of them less serious than others. For example, the Cruelcumber is a hilarious little cucumber with a spear that jiggs and dances around when it's battling you.
Then there's the cyclopses that amble around with massive clubs and deal critical hits all of the time that kill your party members in one blow. Thankfully, there's more of the silly kind of monsters. My personally favourite are the first few monsters you meet in the game: The Slimes, Cruelcumber and the Teeny Sanguini.
The Teeny Sanguinies are fat bats that have cow patterned skin and apparentely only follow you because they want to play.

My party is a strong level 30 all around. The only problem being there are 3 warriors and 1 minstrel. No priests or mages to use their powerful magic. Meh' who needs them... i only want brute strength!

Every town seems to have a story behind it that you must solve in order to get a hefty reward. But, it's not all that easy... Bosses... lots of them... Lol, no, they're not really that hard! Basically, you just have to have a full party and a little luck and you're done. The annoying thing about this game is that i always seem to run out of money. I half solved the problem by slaying Gold Golems which give you 500 Gold per kill. But, it does take a while so i kinda gave up. The best way to level up i've found is to grind on hard monsters or find an area with lots of metal slimes (preferably Metal Medleys or Liquid Metal Slimes). They are extremely easy to defeat yet you get like 3000 EXP for 1 kill! The Liquid Metal Slimes actually give 10,000 EXP to each party member! Lol, as you can see i was pretty shocked at first.

Anyway, it's a great game and i'm actually kinda scared i'll finsih it soon! I better lay off it for a while... nah!

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DJPimpDaddy said...

Welcome to Dragon Quest. You picked a hell of game to start with!

Might I suggest that when you finish 9 again, go and get a copy of Dragon Quest V on DS. The visuals and combat system is the same, but without the stylus support sadly. However, from someone who has purchased, owned, cherished, and celebrated every single DQ game(except 6 which is not out in English yet), Dragon Quest 5 has the best in game story and plot that I have EVER seen in any RPG I have ever played. 100% check it out if you enjoy DQ9's mechanics and style.

I am awaiting your walkthrough/faq for 9! I can't imagine how large that text file will end up lol. I am taking my time playing this one and savoring every second. I am still grinding around the Abbey and Leviathan areas somewhere in the mid 20's.