Saturday, 21 August 2010

Dragon Quest IX and another game completed!

Yay! I have now got Dragon Quest IX! I'm actually typing this about 2 minutes after getting it. See, i heard a heavy fall on the doormat and my brother looked over and said, don't get your hopes up. Then i checked... a big brown parcel in the lovely familiar shape we all love.

Anyway, i've already started my second ever walkthrough on DQIX and i'm probably never gonna finish it!
The game's so big! I'll start playing it in a minute or two.

In other news....... I finished Metroid Prime 3: Corruption! I'm so happy, i've been working on that game for ages trying to get through it all. I eventually got stuck on finding the last energy cell i needed. But, that wasn't gonna stop me from eliminating the Phazon scourge! Yeah... so i headed over to the planet Phaaze, the final planet, made completely from phazon! Samus Aran goes into a phazon 100% corrupted mode and has to vent her energy tanks! Now she is stuck completely in hypermode. If the yellow bar fills up on the top of the screen Samus is dead. Easy! Not! Phaaze's atomosphere depletes her energy over time! Kill some metroids and you'll get your health back. Man, it was really hard. If you die once, it's back to the beginning!

I won't go into much detail, but you have to kill a leviathan infant! Then, battle Dark Samus and kill her when she merges with the aurora unit stolen from the S.S Valhalla... It was really cool!

Now, time for some Dragon Questing! Embarrassingly, this is my first ever Dragon Quest game...


elimintoy said...

That game metroid prime 3 was easy to beat.

Nintendoheap said...

Lol, some parts were easy but other parts sort of left you stranded not knowing where to go. But that's part of all of the Metroid games i guess. The last boss battle was actually very easy yes, much easy than that giant rock thing you fight in the leviathan core, was it Mogenar?