Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hunting Spree

Over my summer holidays, so far, i have had a strange urge to play monster hunter tri non-stop!
I have leveled up over 10 levels to level 42. It's strange i also used to think my armour was so great until i found out you could get + armour sets.

Basically when you hit level 31, you reach the 'Elite Hunter Rank'. This means you can hunt + level monsters. For example, the Great Jaggi is the easiest boss in the game. Right now it takes me no longer than 2 minutes to kill it with a "wyvern sword 'flame'. (online is harder than offline. An offline Great Jaggi only takes 30 seconds to kill)" When i reached level 31, i checked out the new quests and went against a Great Jaggi + on my own... Bad idea. I didn't think it would be that hard! I abandoned quest and gathered some of my online friends to help me.

Since then i have obtained rathalos + armour which has 70 defense per piece. The best offline armour is Helios with 24 per piece! But, i'm rubbish compared to the legendary level 200+'s you rarely see online. They have full Alateron armour, the best in the game. Basically, it takes a long long time to get it!  have played on it for 180 hours and have enjoyed every bit of it... except the hard boss battles!

Anyway, if you haven't got Monster Hunter Tri yet, i can't explain anymore... Just get that game!

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