Monday, 2 August 2010


It was my birthday on the 15th and I turned 13!

Unfortunately, on his birthday, a couple of days before mine, my rabbit Buttons fell ill with a tumour that had re-grown, we decided he had a good 10 years of life and put him to sleep so he wasn't to endure any more pain. We we're all very upset.

It was a pretty good birthday as i when downstairs and saw a lot of presents waiting for me!
One of them, a large-ish sized package which i opened first...

A DSi XL! Yay! It came in the dark brown colour and i switched it on straight away.
The first thing i noticed was that the screens are... Massive! 93% bigger than my old DS Lite.
The dual cameras are still there - one on the front and one next to the mic. inside. The photo editing
software is amazing, and you can play around, morphing your friends faces and giving them mario hats
and so forth. There's an SD Card slot and you can exchange photo's from the SD card to the DS or vise versa.

The day after I went off with my twin brother and the rest of our youth group (TNT) to Spree! Spree is a massive event for young christians, like myself, where youth groups from all over come to Great Walstead. Great Walstead, luckily, is about a 10 minute drive from my house. It is a large private school with a massive field. This is where all of us (around 900 i think) pitch our tents. It lasted from late evening Friday to mid-afternoon Sunday. I slept with my brother and our friend, Lewis in the same tiny tent. When I woke up, i was hurting!
There was loads of activities such as football, basketball, unihock, rifleshooting, paintballing, lasershooting, quizes, movies, tug o' war, scavenger hunts and midnight walks!

When i got back i went downstairs and into the garden. My late rabbit's hutch was out... why? On further inspection, a small furry head popped up and stared at me, i smiled back. Tilly, my new rabbit (so soon!) had been at my house for less than a day as my parents had bought it for the family whilst Josh and I were at Spree. My sister seemed delighted (she was also delighted that we were out of the house for a weekend)!
Anyway... When I got back i had a lovely shower and dived straight into a GTA: Chinatown Wars which I also got for my birthday along with Warioware: DIY.

I won't go to far into it, but, all i can tell you is it's an amazing game! DIY is... well... a little confusing, but, all the same it's an interesting and amusing game aswell.

Today I ordered 'Advanced Wars: Dark Conflict' (Days Of Ruin) on the DS. I have heard so much about it and i have read about it in ONM. I have seen people recommend it countless times so i thought i might check it out!

I'm looking forward to playing it, sorry i haven't done a post for ages.

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DJPimpDaddy said...

Sorry to hear about your rabbit, but it sounds like it was best for him since it came back.

If you love camping find a local Boy Scout troop(assuming they have those there). Those were some of the best years of my life goofing off with some friends in the woods. We would always do an entire week at Summer Camp, typically a few hours from home. I remember fondly going hiking for hours to the middle of no where and taking a break in solitude. Of course I packed in my original GameBoy with Final Fantasy Legend lol. But the walk was worth the breaktime.

I am going to try and pick up a DSi XL this year too since my DS Lite is wearing out from daily use!

Lastly: Happy belated B-Day!