Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Final Fantasy Fever

I have always enjoyed Square Enix's games. Kingdom Hearts was my first one and is one of my favourite series. Final Fantasy is their most famous creation though and they have no created 13 main stories. Not to mention the countless spin-offs such as Revenant Wings and A-2 on the DS.

At my school's annual summer fair last Saturday, I trapsed through the small carboot sale on the field with a couple of friends. Obviously we were hunting for games and right next to each other were two games stools.
The first I looked at had mostly Xbox 360 and PS3 games along with a few, unheard, random PS2's. I moved along to the next one and glanced at the wide variety of DS games up for sale.

FFIII took my eye! I picked it up and checked it all. I had seen it reviewed countless times and seen it with a high rank (I think it was 85%) in my monthly Nintendo Magazine - ONM.

But (there's always a but)!

It was £8. I had already spent...
£1 on a lucozade,
£1.50 on a burger,
and 50p on an impossible and crappy sideshow run by my friend's dad.
Damn! I only have £7 (I said this very angrily and loudly by the way)!
The man (old man) at the store said i could have it for £7...


Anyway, I got home, turned on my DS Lite, popped in the game and started to play!
The first thing that struck me was the awesome graphics on the opening movie.
For 2006, they're amazing!

I did realize, that playing a port of an old game like this, there would be hardly any movie clips and the objectives would be very vague. There was no chance of it having a tutorial!

You first play as this guy called Luneth (you can change the name to suit you, but i didn't).
He kinda looks like a... well... a girl - but hey...
He falls down a hole created by an earthquake and has to fight a load of goblins, eye fangs and carbucles.
What made me confused was, playing a lot of final fantasy games, some of the enemies have the same names. In Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, the carbucle is a kind of cat thing and in FFIII it's a weird purple shell with one eye in the middle... I'm confused!

Anyway, in the end - you travel through this goblin cave and the first boss battles you. A Land Turtle!
I killed it easily and then you meet this crystal who says your some kind of warrior of the light.

A couple of hours later and your fighting a Medusa. This gal has, like, 3000HP. And i was level 15. Anyway, I died because 3 of my party were silenced (cannot use magic) and i had no echo herbs to cure them.
I went back and endured many stupid enemies. I only had 1 guy silenced this time... my only magician...
Yeah.. I still managed to kill the snakey hairball and when i did i was really happy. Yay!

Then i went to this Dwarf Island in my boat: The Enterprise and found out that the dwarf's ice fang had been stolen and i had to get it back. So, I turned my party into toads and dived underwater, killed some annoying, hard hitting enemies and found the guy that had stolen the ice fang. After a long and loathsome fight, I managed to secure victory dealing a measly 26 damage with a wooden bow and arrow. I was happy again!

Until i noticed a weird shadow following me after the rogue criminal mysteriously vanished and took no notice of it until i returned to the dwarves, went to the alter and returned the fang. The rogue reaapeared, stole the ice fangs and ran off to the crystal of fire.

And that's about all i've done so far. It is actually a tricky little game and it can take a good while to actually level up...

Though, it's still epic!

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DJPimpDaddy said...

I loved that game. Once you are done also pickup FF IV on DS as well. I blogged heavily about both these games. I love the remakes on DS better than the originals for one thing: The stylus! After playing a FF game nearly one handed I can't stand most games that don't use it. It broke my heart when I played Dragon Quest IV and V without the stylus after finishing FF IV.

Keep up the good work. Beat it yet?