Sunday, 2 May 2010

Gamingheap Review - Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)

Who would ever think beating hell out of ugly beasts could be so fun? Monster Hunter Tri has been out for over a week now (9 days) and let me tell you... it is so addictive. There is over 1000 different armour pieces and weapons to be forged or bought, 30 monsters to gather information on and defeat in various quests or just by roaming the Moga woods. There's a farm a fishing fleet, a trade ship called the Argosy, hundreds of different items to collect and even a little ally that travels with you called Cha-Cha!

The quests are the key objectives in the game - completing them allows you to advance through the game and gain access to harder quests and more hunting grounds. The quests go from easy 1 star quests which range from delivering mushrooms to defeating a specific amount of monsters like the Jaggi or Jaggia.
To 5 star 45 minute boss battles which are not only really hard and frustrating but are mandatory to go further along the story-line. The Great Jaggi is the first boss which you confront and is really hard when you're just starting out, but 4 hours later along the line they prove extremely easy to defeat and another boss takes its place. I never used to be able to kill this mimicing bird called a Queropeco which can reproduce other monster's distress calls so that they think it is their species and come to help fight you. Now, i find it really easy and hardly a challenge, thus making it easier to collect the unique and neccesary resources which can be harvested from its corpse.
This game is epic and today i had my first taste of proper, hardcore, online 4-player, team monster hunter quests. I even added to people to my friend roster so that i can meet up with them again and kill more monsters together. Monster Hunter Tri is compatible with Wii Speak which, unfortunatley, I don't have.
Incase you don't already know, Wii Speak allows you to talk with you friends online, meaning you can shout out orders and not have to type it all in and send a message to all your comrades.

It is awesome and I highly recommend it!


DJPimpDaddy said...

Have you played any of the other Monster Hunter games?

Sounds interesting enough that I may need to pick up a copy.

Oli said...

No, I have never played one before. I hear they all have similar gameplay - I really do recommend it if you have access to the internet from your wii, teaming up with others is extremelly addictive.

DJPimpDaddy said...

I will have to do that. How hard was it finding friends that own the game? Or can you join random people?

Oli said...

You can join random people, yes. You can talk to them with wiispeak if you have it or just type in messages and send them. Of curse the best thing is you can add anyone to your friend roster without having to use codes or anything!

Famicom Freak said...

wish I had a wii :(

Oli said...

Lol, yeah, they are really good machines although everbody think the xbox 360 and ps3 are better.