Monday, 10 May 2010

Gamingheap Review - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days is a magnificent game!

It follows on from the first Kingdom Hearts and happens somewhere before the events of Kingdom Hearts 2 with The Chain Of Memories happening somewhere in the middle. Square Enix, again, have made an amazing RPG full to the brim with items to synthesise, things to buy, enemies to defeat and of course the storyline to follow. I won't spoil anything but I can tell you that it is a very sad story and a lot of unexpected events unfold.

The camera can be a little fidgity at times but when you are locked on to an enemy you can swipe away at it with different keyblades you can collect each seperate from the others and all really nice looking. Collecting heart points will allow you to buy items and abilites in the Moogle store (Kupo!) and you can equip level panels, recovery items, along with your keyblade gears and abilites to your panel deck. Potions can really help when you are stuck on boss battles.

Although the game isn't too hard, i highly recommend it and playing as different characters from the game in the single or multiplayer mission mode is really enjoyable. Square Enix have made another spectacular game and hopefully we will see more like it on the DS soon!

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