Thursday, 6 May 2010

Buttons the Rabbit

I've never mentioned that i have a pet rabbit called Buttons before.
He's nearly 10 years old and is has brown fur, we think he may be blind though! Last week we discovered that he had a large lump down below. Turns out he had a tumor... He had to have an operation yesterday under an
anesthetic while it was removed...

He survived and although he WAS rather sleepy he's now jumping around and even tried to climb into his hutch but fell backwards and rolled over. He fell asleep on my brother's lap yesterday and he was completely zonked!

His favourite food is actually green beans. Last year he had an absyss on his cheek which was also operated on. When he recovered we had to inject him and feed him this weird, disgusting smelling (and probably tasting too!) medicine stuff. My idea was to split a green bean in half and pour some inside, close it again and feed it to him. It worked and was really funny to watch.

The other week we also found out he eats toast!

Lately I have been developing one of those online guides you can find at Gamespot and Gamfaqs and all that. I am doing it on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days on DS. So far i have just finished the basics and the beginning missions. I don't know how long it will take, but i just hope people actually view it!

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