Monday, 17 May 2010

Gamingheap Review - Pokemon Emerald Version (GBA)

If you say you've never played a Pokemon game, you'd be lying! Emerald Version game out on GBA on the 21st November 2005. It's my personal favourite and is actually both versions - Ruby and Sapphire combined to create a long pokemon game filled with 2nd and 3rd generation pokemon to collect.

As per ususal in a Pokemon game, you'll start off by moving to your new hometown and talking to your ,all knowing, Mom. Eventually you'll meet professor Birch and he'll be chased by a wild Zigzagoon... can you see where this is going? You'll choose 1 of 3 pokemon from his backpack, one grass type, one fire type and one water type. Choosing one can be especially hard as it will be the pokemon that will stick with you throughout the whole game, not to mention it is also usually the strongest pokemon you'll have.

Going around catching pokemon and adding them to your pokedex is quite fun and you can always give them silly or cool nicknames. As you venture through the game, you'll become stronger, and so will your friend trainer. (This can be a girl or boy depending on which gender you choose at the start of your game).

At, suprisingly inconvieniant, times you'll meet them and will have to engage in a battle. Obviously, the higher the level, the easier it'll be. You'll earn money from battling and you can spend it on more potions, pokeballs and an assortment of different equipment and goodies for your pokemon.

The main storyline shows you, as a rising pokemon trainer, battling rivals, team Magma and team Aqua to stop their unknown plans for domination over the Hoenn region. Later, you'll find that they take control of a new weather station and set the weather to rain and heatwaves so that Kyorg, master of the seas will rise and Groudon, master of the earth will rise. You'll battle them, maybe even capture them, and head on to defeat, or capture, Raquaza. Raquaza is a powerful dragon the colour of emeralds and appears on the front cover of the box. After the madness has ceased you'll carry on along your path to fame defeating pokemon gym leaders and collecting badges. With 8 badges you'll gain access to the pokemon league. But, first you must pass the dreaded, Victory Road! Victory Road is a pith black cave area filled to the brim with high level trainers, wild pokemon, obstacles such as boulders (which require the HM, strength to move) and many dead ends and red herrings which cause you to get lost and go mad. If, and when, you get out of Victory Road you'll battle the Elite four...

Kind of self explanitory, the Elite four are the greatest pokemon trainers in the land, apart from the league champion and yourself of course! They each specialise in a specific type of pokemon, meaning you'll have to have with you a variety of pokemon types with you if you stand a chance of winning. Once you've beat them, its on the the league champion who has pokemon well over the level 60 mark. You'll end the main storyline if you beat him and gain access to the Battle Frontier. Basically, it's just a load of different buildings that house a variety of different pokemon games. The main one is the Battle Tower where you'll compete against other trainers and gain tower levels as you win battles. Lose one and it's all over!
You can also breed pokemon at the

Day Care Centre and obtain eggs which will hatch after a certain amount of steps!

Pokemon Emerald is now old and Diamond, Pearl, Platinium, Heart Gold and Soul Silver have over shadowed it by their 3d graphics and better Wi-Fi capabilities. But, I still think Emerald brings back memories of the older pokemon and fun storyline that i followed for 200 hours... until i accidently flicked the power button whilst saving... no explanation needed there...

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