Monday, 26 April 2010

Lets Go Monster Hunting! (With a massive sword)!

I, obviously, got Monster Hunter Tri on Wii today. 3 days after the release date, not bad timing!

It's visually amazing and the landscapes and attention to detail is immense! Sometimes I just like to look around with the D-Pad for several minutes. Of course, using really big swords is awesome! But, without its drawbacks... IT TAKES 5 SECONDS TO SWING IT AROUND!!! Oh' well the shortswords can deal the same damage within 2 combos which takes just as long. Anyway it's a great game so far - just killing monsters and collecting resources and selling them for money which I can use to buy armour and weapons!

It's a shame my brother got the rubbish FIFA 10 on Wii too, we have to have days each - I can't wait tell Wednesday!... well actually I have German, so... I think I can wait...

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