Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Back to school and Monster Hunter Tri

Yep... the Easter break is officially over. We all have to wake up at 7 o'clock and trapse off to school. I have completed all of my homework projects now and can at last relax without worrying about deadlines and angry stroppy teachers demanding homework or giving you a detention. I'll only get more!

Anyway, today was our second day back and i had I.T. first. Turns out they've pimped up the I.T. room (I don't know if it's only my I.T. room or it's others too)! The walls have been painted red - well one so far - and we've now got awsomely cool spinny chairs where you can change the height! The novelty wore off pretty quick though, I must say... I also did my magazine show presentation with my group - it was a lil' overdo - and it went really well seeing as we just improvised the whole thing and didn't rehearse once! I'm not kidding!

For the past couple of days i haven't been doing much gaming cept' i might order Monster Hunter Tri - Wii off Amazon or something.It looks really good and although I admit I've never played a Monster Hunter series game before I still really want it! It's about a warrior - who's appearance I think you get to choose - and your local town has been experiencing earthquakes. This is apparently caused by the lagiacrus a giagantic sea dragon! So, you just run around beating the living snot out of monsters... that's my style of game!

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