Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lewes football and more Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Yesterday evening my Dad, Bro and I went to see Lewes Town FC at there ground called the Dripping Pan.
They are in Blue Square South so they do not have professional players but it was okay to watch. I ate a packet of Skittles and a few chips so i wasn't very hungry. I saw this weird curly haired man who kept moving up and down in his seat and was either chewing gum or talking to himself. I think he was an astronomer because he kept getting out a telescope and looking my direction - I was getting kinda freaked out by now! Then the football landed near him at half-time and he tried to throw it back one-handed but missed and the ball hit the border fence. My Brother laughed really hard and the weirdo said that he though it was a head that had landed near him! Later, still during half-time, he came up to us with his telescope and told us that this really tiny star was Venus and that it was as hot as a cooker? I was really freaked out by now and i kept watch on him just in-case he did anything else weird-like. Near the end of the match he got up and left - my Dad noticed that he was wearing no socks at all!?

I have continued to play Metroid
Prime 3: Corruption - Wii today and have progressed to the Pirate's Home-world. I have also unlocked
X-Ray vision for Samus's visor which she can use to decipher codes in switches that use the Pirate's language. It's still gripping and I even beat a new boss battle - Gandrayda - who is a shape shifter and she's really agile and hard to shoot in her normal form! I have also had to defeat plenty of Phazon Metroids during the past few days. It's been great returning to it and I hope to complete it real soon!

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DJPimpDaddy said...

That is really creepy! At least you were in a crowd!