Friday, 23 December 2011

Tibia MMORPG - First Impressions

Daisy at DaisyFAIL recently blogged about her adventures in an MMO called Tibia. Having never heard of this game I asked her about it and she told me more about the game. I also checked out its Wikipedia page for more info (if in doubt always run straight to Wikipedia kids!). Tibia has it's own wiki too which has walkthroughs on quests etc.

Anyway, thanks to Daisy I was persuaded to check out the site. Apparently many people used to love this MMO and it was really popular back in the 'early days'. However people abandoned it for 3D MMOs such as Runescape and World of Warcraft which are all basically the same thing. I personally am not to picky when it comes to graphics, hell Oblivion was pug-ugly but is still my favourite RPG I've ever played! Carrying on, Tibia isn't all that bad - it's 2D and the game's camera is at a slight slant. The interface looks a little dated but it's charmful and fun at the same time...

All the windows and widgets on the sidebar are draggable which is very helpful and allows you to move things around so as your screen doesn't become too cluttered. The game itself is nice and colourful as are the enemies and the general environments you can freely traverse. When the player is walking it looks a little stiff but I suppose that is expected. From what I've seen the majority of clothing that is equipped in your inventory actually affects the visuals on screen too. There's a minimap too which always looks good whatever the game. As I've mentioned already I don't mind too much abut visuals and the theme in this game looks good to me.

The controls can be a bit fiddly at times, mainly because of my PC's lag problems. You have to walk over to enemies and then click on the corresponding picture of them in the 'Battle List' widget. I'm not kidding when I say it took me about 5 minutes to chase a Cockroach around a room and finally get close enough to kill it. I suppose I just need to practice more! From what I've seen so far enemies drop loot - in the cockroach's case it dropped a leg - which can then be left or placed in your bag for temporary storage until it can be sold or whatever people do with cockroach legs!

One thing I found amusing was that to start quests or talk to an NPC you actually have to type 'Hello' into the chat bar and they will respond. From then on there's practically only 2 responses 'Yes' or 'No' to everything the NPC says. It's a nice touch overall though.

I haven't really done much at all so far due to my computer running the game at pathetic speeds. Hopefully I will be getting a new PC soon.

Remember to visit DaisyFAIL if you want to hear more about her adventures in Tibia!


Daisy said...

Sweet post! Tibia is a bit hard at first to get used to, but has excellent content once you know how to play.

It looks like you're playing on the flash client. Flash client is reallllly slow for me too. If Tibia is too slow for your comp, try installing the Tibia client straight from the website. It is muuuuch much more smoother to run. Less lag etc.

Oh you can have creatures on auto-follow when you attack them, so you don't have to run around and chase them manually. :]

Thanks for the mention! ^^

Oliver M said...

Ah, coolio I will install it :)

Thanks for the tip it was annoying chasing after them ahaha!