Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Frustration of Easy Video Games - The World of Reubzen

A friend of mine recently made a very interesting post on his new blog 'The World of Reubzen'. He mentioned that video games back in the 80's on consoles such as the NES were extremely challenging (I know this because I have played games such as Contra and Castlevania on emulators) and how that completing a difficult game back then was a real achievement worthy of boasting in front of your friends. Reubzen goes on to say that big names in this day and age such as Call of Duty and other popular FPSs are dominating the market, not because of the gameplay however, it's literally just because it's another Call of Duty game and people are just being suckered into buying them because of they happen to have some improved graphics.

I agree with Reubzen here, how that games like Call of Duty can be completed in an afternoon without much difficulty at all. Check out Reubzen's blog and follow him at!

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JC said...

I agree with you, but often it is like that as most gamers want an action packed, gun ho and fierce up close fighting. The thing is gamers like this can't be F***ed to look around, work out the best route, solve the riddle etc... so they don't bother with that they just spoon out what people want cause at the end of the day they know they can make buckets of money out of it and COD hasn't really improved I would say it has got worse, but it is mainly built on popularity.

most games are following by COD example and it has ruined it for free roam sandbox gamers like me and I fear it will continue to happen.