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Gamingheap Special: SKYRIM - Part 3

 Gamingheap Special: SKYRIM 

Part 3


Oops! I got kinda carried away with Skyrim and haven't done a post in 2 weeks! Oh well, now I get to tell you all about my little adventures, teehee!

Basically a lot has happened! I scraped together every last piece of jewellery and all the potions I knew I wasn't going to use from my Whiterun house and managed to bring in just over 25k to buy a house in Solitude. But before I could buy the house I had to do a quest for the Jarl's steward. I had to investigate some place called 'Wolfskull Cave' where people had gone missing and strange lights could be seen at night. Exciting I know!... Anyway I head on in and I am confronted by several skeletons with swords... I proceeded to introduce arrows to their skulls and moved on through the cave. It was pretty small if I remember rightly and I soon found myself discovering what the mystery was! After slaying some draugr (Zombie nords) I saw a massive blue light circling the inner cave which was dotted with strange stone towers. It turned out to be some necromancers summoning 'The Wolf Queen'. Long story shortened I threw them off the top of the tower, grabbed some loot from a boss chest nearby and got my ass out of there.

After a few more little worthless quests for the Jarl I managed to buy the house plus decorations for 35k or something like that. It has 3 floors including a man cave at the bottom where I place my weapons and armour. I'm really annoyed however with the glitches and bugs in the houses in Skyrim. On the Playstation 3 version which I own, the armour mannequins do not work, instead rendering the armour you place on them invisible! If you come back after a while it will appear and then disappear the next time! There's also a bug where if you take off the armour from the mannequins it will duplicate it (playing the game fairly I decided to throw these dupes in the ocean instead of exploiting the game to get money). Other things include all items scattering onto the floor, weapon racks not holding weapons and instead eating them so you cannot get them back. It's not great as when I played Oblivion I loved decorating my house with weapons and other mementos I had found on my adventures. Unless they patch this, it's not going the be the same.

Other adventures saw me retrieving daedric artifacts that were also in Oblivion such as Azuras Star, The Sanguine Rose and even Mehrunes Razor which has a small chance to kill and enemy in one hit! I also managed to reach level 100 Smithing and level 100 Archery. This allowed me to  forge Daedric armour and upgrade it to maximum armour rating! It looks pretty badass if I may say so myself. I'm dabbling a little in magic as well and my Destruction magic skill has reached 35. There's nothing quite like dressing in a black hooded robe and casting lightning spells at enemies acting like Darth Sideous from Star Wars!

Another cool thing about this game is marriage! By getting a girl's disposition high enough and by wearing an 'Amulet of Mara' special dialogue choices appear when talking to the girl. You can ask if she is interested in you and vise versa and then agree to get married in the Temple of Mara in Riften. I actually did this with some random girl in Whiterun. Perks include 100 gold every day and even being able to sell/buy items from your wife as she sets up a shop once you are married! Not to mention being able to have her cook you a meal once a day! Of course it doesn't have to be a women you marry... I won't delve into that anymore though!

I'm having great fun on this game and like it's predecessor: Oblivion, there is SO much to do and SO many places to go. I plan to play this for a while yet although I will be getting the new releases such as Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and Assassin's Creed: Revelations for christmas!


One last thing, I don't know if you other bloggers are experiencing similar issues, but I am unable to drag images down the page of my posts so I cannot really but images in without my posts looking ugly... any ideas for a fix? thanks.

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