Monday, 5 December 2011

4 Bad Things About The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

"WHAT!?" I hear you exclaim with several explanation marks for effect! "Skyrim rocks! There is nothing bad about it!" I hear you shout. Well let's face it Skyrim is a fantastic immersive world full of quests, dungeons, fully fleshed out NPCs and Guards that talk about arrows in their knees - BUT there are some, quite frankly, poor aspects in this game. Bare in mind this is the PS3 version and some glitches may not appear on other formats. Though they may only be the odd bug I thought I might list some things that have grinded my gears over the past few weeks...

1) Overleveled Magic

I've come across dozens of enemies that use magic on this game and 50% of the time I can send arrows shooting through their craniums with ease. The other 50% consists of overleveled scumbags that can reduce my health bar to a minuscule flashing pinprick in less than 2 seconds! I don't know if it is a glitch but I have never experienced anything like this, even on Oblivion it was normal but this is ridiculous! Of course enchantments that boost magical defense could help but not often!

2) Dragon AI

Okay this one doesn't always prove to be a big issue. A lot of the time it is fine but sometimes dragon fights can end up being facepalm worthy. Dragons, as far as I'm aware, are meant to be mean, relentless and of course scaley - able to send fireballs down on just about anything and obliterate them. In Skyrim (and as I've said this doesn't always happen, but then again it isn't rare) dragons can be defeated by hiding behind a rock; waiting until it's stopped breathing fire, running out to hit it a few times and rinsing and repeating.

3) House Glitches

One of the things I liked most about Oblivion was being able to display your kick-ass weapons in your house and show off all the little rare and unique mementos from various quests. However, Skyrim's houses come bundled with plenty of glitches that really just ruin the fun! These include:
Armour Mannequins not working and making the armour invisible instead of showing it. Weapon Racks not displaying your weapons and eating them instead
and even all of your books and items randomly falling and being spread across the floor!

4) Loading Times

This is really isn't too big an issue but is very annoying. You can explore the mountains and rich forests of Skyrim for hours hunting elk and deer and seeking out treasures but as soon as you want to go into ANY building or dungeon you must endure a loading screen. Everywhere you go, and they're not exactly quick - some can take more than 1 minute 30 seconds to load!


The Girl Gamer said...

Well at least it's not that bad. Would be worst if it was freezing everyone single minute. I'm sure they probably release some kind of patch for the game to fix any of the small bugs.

I saw my cousin playing this game on his PC and all I can think about is that I so need to get this game lol.

- The Girl Gamer

Oliver M said...

It really is a beaut and your right I expect there will be a patch that will fix the majority of bugs some time after christmas.

I highly recommend this game!

DJPimpDaddy said...

When I read the title of this post I said "WHAT?" aloud. Then laughed as I read further.

Agreed on all points. I think I am going to hit 200 hrs on this game. I spent the last 10 hours in game just breaking in to every house over several towns. I need a better fence! My house is full of "lifted items". No no town guard, no need to come in the front door. Nothing to see here.

Its so hard not to steal when your sneak, lock picking, and pick pocketing are all above 80! *sigh...the tough life of a rogue(he says silently stea ing let ers o t of this p st tee hee).

Oliver M said...

Yeah stealing is actually surprisingly hard compared to Oblivion, especially pickpocketing!

Lol, give ma le t rs b ck!