Thursday, 11 March 2010

DSi XL Released!

Okay guys the DSi XL has now been released (5th March) and... well, none of us have heard any fuss about it so far. The 4th edition to Nintendo's DS is far superior to its previous releases, it has 93% bigger screens than the DS Lite! It has 4.3 inch screens making it massive (compared to the DS Lite again), other than that not much has changed... You can still access DS Ware, use the camera, muck about with the sounds you can record. Nintendo states that the bigger screens are a big hit as two people, or more, can see the screens. Aswell as that, they say that the new pen-like stylus provides a more comfortable feel to the touch screen elements of the DS's games.

I hope to get one soon! Comment if you've got one, and tell me what you think!

- Oli


DJPimpDaddy said...

I am waiting to hear if there are any backwards compatibility issues. I will miss the GBA port on the new DSi XL, and sadly I still play some GBA games on my DS Lite currently. I have about worn out my DS Lite though, so an upgrade may be coming in the near future.

I haven't seen any DSware titles that make me want to make the leap yet like some of the Wiiware titles did.

Oli said...

Your right, the missing GBA port is quite a downside but I guess you can just keep the DS Lite too! I am also in the same situation as you a worn out DS Lite, hopefully I can get a DSi XL soon!