Wednesday, 17 March 2010

C64DTV salvaged from my brothers draw

I was in my brothers room today, annoying him as per usual, when I opened one of his draws... And what did I find underneath all of the wires, chargers and Leeds United programmes? (yes he supports LUFC. Me being a gaming person, ignores sport...especially football...) A C64DTV! Well I didn't know it was that until I found out online at Wikipedia, but that's not the point. C64 stands for Commodore 64 which I was already fully aware of as a old gaming computer system. The DTV stands for Direct to Television...
C64DTV = Commodore 64 - Direct to Television!

So... I plugged the Video and Audio wires into the T.V. and got it started on AV1. It turns out it has a whole library of games, I think there's 30 but i'll double check for you.

It has circular L and R buttons, a joystick,  A, B, C and D buttons and a reset switch. In most game the L button is used for firing  a projectile of some sort and the joystick is used to move. The lettered buttons don't do much, but I think they control some of the in-game options and so-on.

 That's all for now, Tell me what you think!

- Oli

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