Saturday, 2 October 2010

Let's hunt some clay!

Today i went to my friends 14th birthday party, the main event was... Clay Pigeon Shooting! I'd never actually done it before so, a little nervous, we all followed the instructor down a boggy field in our wellington boots until we came to a land-rover jeep. He taught us all about the shotguns (we were using the smallest, a 410) and how the cartridges worked and so on. I was last in the line of fire and had 4 shots... no pressure, i shot down 2, skimmed 1 and missed the other. Not bad for my first go! We turned it into a competition and took turns firing 4 cartridges each. In the end there was 3 rounds, the last one being a 'Joker' round. If you called 'Joker' before the clay pigeon was fired and you hit it you'd get 2 points... BUT, if you missed a Joker, you'd lose 2 points! In the end i was 1 above everyone else on 6 and i called no jokers, hitting 1 meaning i finished with a score of 7/12. The birthday boy scored 6, my brother scored 2 (he missed a joker), and my other friend hit a few but missed all his jokers and ended up with a big fat 0!

So I won a gold medal... cheap rubbish, but i still won it! After we finished we all went down to the field and gathered any clay pigeons we found and any used cartridges.
The picture shows the exact same brand we used in the 410.

We also got to fire a 12 bore shotgun which would of blown our arms off with the recoil had we not been provided with the protective shoulder padding.

Oh, yes... and of course we wore ear protectors! When we got back we had some fish and chips and then let all hell use with a couple of Nerf guns and a massive heap of bullets.

It was a great day!

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