Wednesday, 13 October 2010

1 Metroid game, 3 years, completed!

My brother purchased Metroid Prime: Hunters for the Nintendo DS about 3 years ago, maybe a bit less. He doesn't really play it and  hasn't got very far so i thought i'd have a little go on it. I plowed through it, killing hunters and obtaining new weapons... then he found out i'd stolen it from his room and nicked it back!

I usually play multiplayer with him (and beat him!) and be Samus because she rocks, and she's the only character you can play as without a game card.

Anyway, a couple of days ago i stole the game card again and have playing it ever since. I got to the last boss, Gorea, and i have to say...

He was pathetically easy. All you have to do is run a bit, stand still and should his shoulders a couple of times. Then he turns upside down and you shoot him again till he dies... there really wasn't too much thought process whilst battling him apart from the fact that he changes weapons a lot. Your normal power beam is affective against him 100% of the time so there's no reason to switch.

I finished the game with 50 deaths, 83 hunter and guardians killed and 1300 enemies killed! I thought that was pretty good for 11 hours 10 mins gameplay.

Another game off my Pile Of Shame!

It was fun!

I'm also currently making a game with RPG Maker VX... but more on that next time!

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