Thursday, 21 October 2010

Belgium tomorrow and some Harvest Moon DS grinding!

I'm going on a school trip to Belgium tomorrow! I am going there to visit a town called Ypres (pronounced "Eeep!") to learn about World War I and visit the cemeteries etc. where they all died and even get to visit some real, preserved WWI trenches!

I''m really looking forward to it and am taking loads of sweets to eat on the 5 hour coach journey (as we're going on the Eurostar thingy across the English Channel, through France to Belgium) and my old DS Lite and a copy of Harvest Moon DS, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and i would have taken Dragon Quest IX, but i don't want to lose it!

Recently i've returned to Harvest Moon DS as i never actually got married on it and lived a happy farm family life! That's what the main aim of the game is so i hope to achieve it soon! I have to get any girl's affection points to 60,000 and then propose to her. But i also need to get 60 Harvest Sprites before i can propose. I only have 51...

Anyway, got to go as i have to get up at 5am and i'm back at gone 12am the next day!!!

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