Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Legacy Boss Monster!

Dragon Quest IX again!

I managed to scrape by and complete a random quest that ended up giving me a treasure map called "Baramos Lv.1". I was just like, "meh', level 1! This is gonna be brutally easy!"... but i was wrong!

Turns out it was a legacy boss monster map. It has only 1 floor, the boss' floor. I have to admit i was a little bit intimidated by it, anyway i pressed a to speak to it and then the battle began against "Baramos."
Okay, let's think, i know i'll egg-on my best warrior and make him defend till he gets an 100 tension rate, the other 2 warriors can use falcon slash combined with their falcon blades to hit 4 times! Easy!
I managed to egg on my best warrior and hit a measly 100+ with my other two before Baramos came bounding down with Kafrizz taking off 130 from one of my warriors and a normal attack that evolved into a critical hit downing my best warrior in one with a 250+... Damn it! It's back to hunting for king metal slimes!

In other news, i've set up a poll on this blog and this week there is a tournament to see what the best nintendo series is... they'll be 5 rounds
and today is the first. Basically the winners from each round will go
head-to-head in the 5th and final round to see which the best nintendo
series is voted by viewers of the blog! Vote now before you forget!

No I didn't manage to kill Baramos... though i reckon i dealt a good 1000... he has 6000+ according to GameFAQs though!

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