Sunday, 13 June 2010

A few more games wont hurt 2

Okay, instead of mercenaries - which i had left too long and was gone by the time i got to Gamestation - I bought 2 games!

GTA: Liberty City Stories - PS2 (18)
25 To Life - Ps2 (18)

-- Grand Theft Auto: Libert City Stories --

GTA: Liberty City Stories is an excellent accomplishment by the joint effort of Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds (Also helped make Chinatown Wars - DS). Basically Toni Cipriani, part of the Lione crime family, had killed a made man and went into hiding, but now he returns to Liberty City, now voted the least place to succeed in America, and begins to takeover. Your main enemies are the Sindaccos - a rival crime family - who have the same plans and will shoot any Lione on sight. A lot of people will help you but too many will try to stop you, including your Mother who will call a hit on you. Around every 10 minutes some bald guy will drive to you in a vehicle and attempt to gun you down, usually they're really dumb and are dispatched easily. You can happily grab their dropped weapon and body armour for further use.

 A lot of the game is similar to Vice City - the same sound effects, coloured orbs around weapon pickups and radio controls. Personally I preferred San Andreas' radio controls and you could switch to the next or previous radio station with up and down on the d-pad instead of cycling through them over and over with the L1 shoulder button. A lot of the time the radio stations dont appear in the usual order and sometimes it even skips some, a minor glitch. The driving controls are much better than the previous Grand Theft Autos on PS2, they seem more real and there is a lot more varience in the speed and the mass effects the speed in a realistic way which is finished well with skid marks and nice smoke from the tires. The only thing I dislike about this game - again, alike Vice City you can't swim!

My Rating: 9/10

-- 25 To Life --

25 To Life is a much more linear game. It is about crime on the streets and follows the story of a man who owes a lot of money and ends up robbing a bank. For the first three levels you play as this guy and kill cops with various weapons from sub-machineguns to sawn-off shotguns. Pressing triangle allows you to switch to your melee weapon or on the police levels a zapper which allows you to apprehend criminals. One thing that i don't understand is that it can take nearly a whole round using  a pistol to kill an enemy whereas if you hit them once with a baseball bat they die instantly.

You have the main objectives which you must complete to finish the level and you have the secondary objectives which can be completed if you wish, but don't have to be. These can be things like, register 8 headshots or achieve 30% accuracy.

I dont think the game has much varience at all and it can get pretty boring because of that. The storyline is really not interesting and it's one of those games where you play a couple of missions and then turn the system off. The one thi ng that really stands out though is its impressive sound track full of catchy rap tunes which actually add a nice movie scene effects to parts of the game.

Nice effects, some cool guns, brilliant sound track, but, bad storyline and too linear.

My Rating 5/10


DJPimpDaddy said...

Is 25 to Life only online play or "has online play"? Never even heard of that one before.

And yes, the ability to swim was a major plus in the GTA series. So far I still prefer GTA San Andreas the most, even over GTA IV on PS3. It just had so much stuff you can screw around with. I remember spending an entire hour just sight seeing with a jet pack. You could also spend days just off road biking through the wilderness areas. Rockstar definitely needs to bring that back but make sure that there are missions and plot lines that get you out there as well so it isn't wasted space.

Oli said...

25 to life doesn't have online play at all. no.
And yes there's so much to do San Andreas, i've spent ages trying to find cool cars to modify in the garages - then using the flying car cheat to quickly get them in my garage at San Fierro - lol gd game